Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mommy Must Haves

Now that I have been a mother for a year, Im an old pro- I can start giving newbies advice... Just kidding, but for those who care.. Ive made a list of my "Mommy Must Haves"... Pretty self explainatory, things I as a mom, must have...

Here we go!
Nursing Pillow- I have two, one for upstairs, one for downstairs. One in "Pastel Birds" the other is "Black & Cream Swirl"- Both Baby Shower gifts. I never have to run up/down looking for one with a hungry baby on my hip... I pretty much never nurse without my pillow, it was also great for when River was just learning to sit up, you can prop it behind him while you are sitting in front, so if they fall and you dont catch them in time.. They land on a soft pillow, not the hard floor.

Ergo Swaddle "Coocon"- Babies like to be swaddled, and after we had River we got a few swaddle blankets with the velcro to secure them, but Baby Houdini could get out of them and after a few washes the Velcro wore away. Enter the ErgoCooocon, life saver. Baby cannot get out of it, but theres still room for them to move their arms around in the little sack. Truth be told, River still gets swaddled with this at night.

Sleepers with Zippers- Nobody wants to have to try and do up the bottons on your babies sleeper when it is 2am. Zippers are just easier. Always go with the zipper.

Wholesome Baby Food - This website is amazing for everything baby food related, recipes, storing food, ages for foods, allergies, lots of information!

Camilia Teething Drops- Camilia is homeopathic, mostly used for teething.. but I use it sometimes when River is irritable as well, because I dont like to give him tylenol often. This stuff seriously works amazing, I always keep a few on me.

Teething Necklace- Who knows if they really work, but I like to think they do. Plus River just looks damn cute with it on.

and lastly, cloth diapers, because quite frankly, disposables are disgusting. The few times River has worn them (up until he was 5 weeks, the odd time we have run out of clean diapers) within 20 minutes, if he has gone #2, its EVERYWHERE. When in a cloth diaper, he has never had a blow out, poop everywhere kind of situation. Also, its nice to think of how many diapers in the garbage we have eliminated while using cloth.

What are some items you can't live without? Baby or otherwise?


Monday, February 11, 2013

My Baby is ONE..

Well, not yet technically. is birthday is tomorrow... but yesterday (Sunday) we celebrated his first birthday- Can you believe it? I certainly can't..

Anyway, we decided on a shark theme.

Photo from his invitation...
and here are a few photos from the party...
homemade smash cake... made by.. ME!
My mom made cake pops




 We feasted on a sharks favorite, tuna sandwiches, "fish n chips" (potato chips and goldfish crackers), and gummy worms.. as well as veggie sticks, veggies and dip, tostitos and of course... cake! My mom made "shark pops" and I made two completely from scratch cakes- One for River,one for everyone else.
We tried to take some family pictures, but my camera didnt cooperate (time for a new one) so we will try and get some good ones tomorrow, on his actual birthday... but a HUGE thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate!!
and click HERE too find out what my BFF wore to Rivers birthday party

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Lets keep with the love theme, shall we? Have I ever mentioned I la-la-loove pinterest?
River is obsessed with those Geber graduates fruit/veggie "melts' made from yogurt.. and they are dang expensive... like $4.00 for a small bag, which he will devour in 2 days. I put a little bit in his cup with puffs and he will pick out only the yogurt melts... They are like candy to him, I guess.
Anyway, I saw this on pinterest and thought I'd give it a whirl.. Super easy.
He love them, they are not quite exactly the same- Obviously they need to be eatten right away or they will melt, and River likes to play with them a little bit in the bowl before eatting them so it was a tad messy, but just a little yogurt on his face/bowl/cup. I made them from kids yogurt, banana.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Things I Love... since Its February

Its February.. The month of LOOOVE, Also the month my little ball of sunshine turns ONE. ONE! Can you believe it?
FYI- We already know I love BSB, Anderson Cooper and carbs so lets skip all that and get to the new, good stuff.
So, in true lovey dovey listy wisty fashion... A Love List.

Things I Love By K.Dalzell
Brandi Glanville
If you dont know who she is, she is the scorned wife of former Y&R hearthrob Eddie Cibrian. She is now on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.. and if you didnt know- I love me some housewives. I even have a Real Housewives "Label" on my blog. "HOLLA!"
Anywhoo, this bitch tells it like it is and she just wrote a book, which I cant wait to get my hands on (Midland Library, are you listening?!)
She told Adrienne Maloof (Billionaire) to "shut the F%*& up" at a fancy dinner, thats my kinda gal (and btw-Adrienne should stfu)
Follow her on twitter, she will make you giggle.
The Walking Dead
I love Darrell. Rick Grimes can kiss my ass.
Its so good! Thats all I can really say.
Netflix/download/borrow/buy it, then return here to say "Thaaaank you"
Big Brother Canada
Im clearly jumping the gun a little by saying I love it, as I have never seen it (It starts Feb 27th or 28th)  but I love Big Brother (Clearly) and I love Canada- so I'll have to love BB Canada, right?

Get Off My Internets
Its a website, its my true love.
Thankfully nobody reads this blog or Im sure they'd be all up in my business for my spelling and grammar mistakes, among other things.
I spend way to much time on here, but not only can I discuss my favorite or not so favorite blogs, I can talk to other TV lovers about Teen Mom, Brandi Glanville and our thoughts on the Kardashians.

Disney Movies
This is really nothing new, but River can now sit through atleast half of a movie, so we watch all my Disney movies, which is a step up from watching Baby Einstein on repeat.

What're you loving lately?
Do you share my love for Brandi, or maybe your a Leann fan?
Who else is excited for BB Canada?


Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013... a good start

River Henry Gerald Stuckey, 11 months old on the 12th of January, has for the first time in his busy little life, slept through the night... 8.5 hours straight!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dads 60th

The secrets finally out- Yesterday we threw my Dad a 60th birthday party (His actual 60th is in December) and I do believe he was surprised!

Thanks to everyone who came!




Monday, November 5, 2012

Look Who's Walking


Big Brother

I love TV.
Some of my favorites shows are The Real Housewives Of New Jersey/New York, Young & The Restless, Greys Anatomy, New Girl... I could go on... but my summer pleasure is Big Brother.
This summers season (14) of Big Brother was epic. They brought back 4 previous players to coach the "newbies", Janelle (Seasons 6 & 7) Boogie (Seasons 2 & 7), Dan (Season 10) & Britney (Season 12)
Both Dan & Boogie are previous winners, and Janelle (along with Daniele Donato) holds the record for most Vetos won. Some would argue Janelle is the best player ever... some would say Dand  holds that title. Regardless, the show is entertaining and after season 14 ended I decided to re-watch EVERY season.... So, that's when this post was born... You know I love lists and you know I love quotes...
Here is my list of the best Big Brother speeches/quotes (In no prticular order)

Season 7 - Wills Veto Speech
Another player argued to be the best ever, Will stood before his houseguests as a nominee and instead of making a plea to stay in the game he not only asked to leave, but told his houseguest he hated them..... What makes this so great? Well, not only did he stay in the house (and make it to the final 5) he recieved ZERO votes to leave that week.

Season 14 - Dans Funeral
This may actually be the greatest moment in BB history and whether you love him or hate him. This was genius. After being in solitary "disco" confinment, Dan hosted his own funeral...
Season 14- Britney's Goodbye to Boogie
Britney is none was being one of the funniest BB houseguests and her goodbye message to Mike "Boogie" was no exception. If you havent watched earlier BB seasons, she is mocking Boogie & Dr.Wills ("Chilltown") infamous diary room phone calls in season 7
Season 6- Janelles Hoh one-liners
When Janelle won HoH immediatley after her alliance member, Kaysar was evicted, she spewed some hilarious and now, classic, one liners.
"Pack Your bags, Jenny!"
"Give me the key, Bitch!"
and most classic...
"Bye Bye Bitches"
Big Brother 10 - Judas
Another great moment featuring Dan (a catholic school teacher) this time its season 10, and Dan isn't the one talking. (2:15 mark)
 There are so many more, I'm sure at some point I will do a Part 2... but for now, I'll leave you with two of my favorite Boogie qoutes

"Somebody get these fools a blindfold, because they are in the dark"

"Always the bridesmaid, but never the Big Brother bride" (about Janelle in season 14)