Monday, February 11, 2013

My Baby is ONE..

Well, not yet technically. is birthday is tomorrow... but yesterday (Sunday) we celebrated his first birthday- Can you believe it? I certainly can't..

Anyway, we decided on a shark theme.

Photo from his invitation...
and here are a few photos from the party...
homemade smash cake... made by.. ME!
My mom made cake pops




 We feasted on a sharks favorite, tuna sandwiches, "fish n chips" (potato chips and goldfish crackers), and gummy worms.. as well as veggie sticks, veggies and dip, tostitos and of course... cake! My mom made "shark pops" and I made two completely from scratch cakes- One for River,one for everyone else.
We tried to take some family pictures, but my camera didnt cooperate (time for a new one) so we will try and get some good ones tomorrow, on his actual birthday... but a HUGE thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate!!
and click HERE too find out what my BFF wore to Rivers birthday party

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